the 2019
MMAJA Awards

AS WITH MANY ASPECTS of the MMA Journalists Association, settling on year-end awards seemed like a simple enough task right up until we actually had to do it. But as we’ve had to learn the hard way over and over again, the first time you do these things, when you’re figuring it all out as you go, is often the toughest (or so we hope).

Still, we believed that awards were an important function of this association. The people who cover this sport on a daily basis see the good and the bad of MMA up close, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t take time to recognize excellence both in and out of the cage.

The awards you see here were voted on by MMAJA members, without influence from promoters, gyms, employers or anyone else aside from the individual members casting the votes. It is our hope that they represent an unbiased view of the great athletes and people within this sport, and that they serve as a sincere recognition of their accomplishments over the last calendar year.

It’s also our hope that, in future years, we’ll get this done a lot sooner.

Ben Fowlkes
MMAJA President